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The traditional nature of the workmanship combined with industrial production control has allowed BMT to respond to all requests for personalisation. Experience and skill are placed at the service of clients to develop and bring to life custom made projects.
A planning service advises and monitors all needs, bringing our clients’ ideas to life. Continuous dialogue with our clients ensures the right planning solutions are always found.
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The transformation of aesthetic and design solutions into reality, to assess and test the first tangible phase of development with respect to the quality typical of BMT, followed by a team of qualified professionals.
Rigorous quality control is not limited to monitoring the production process in each of its phases, but rather is manifested in the commitment to carefully monitor the client with professionalism and timely deliveries, through well-organised logistics to guarantee the best possible service.
The entire production cycle for BMT bathroom furniture solutions is based in Italy under the expert guidance of qualified workers. All materials used for BMT bathroom furniture are sourced from carefully selected suppliers to ensure the quality of production and high-level reliability
Selecting BMT as a partner means being able to rely on a personalised and fast service. Each piece of information finds its place and each step in the work process is perfectly executed, tested and checked.


BMT Contract, thanks to its organisational structure and skills in the bathroom furniture sector, has become a point of reference as a contract supplier for custom made bathroom furniture solutions for residential and commercial dwellings. A broad range of quality products and a style that successfully and expertly combines aesthetics and functionality, make BMT Contract the perfect answer for important projects, where reliability and timely services represent essential and fundamental premises.

We design and develop bathroom furniture supplies for receptive and collective spaces, in both the hospitality and tourism sector and for organisations, institutes, entities and companies. BMT Contract works with a team of qualified professionals to develop projects tailor-made to cater to specific requests, guaranteeing respect for quality typical of BMT solutions, within the time frames agreed to with the client, ensuring pre-established commercial objectives are met.

The experience and expertise of our team guarantee clients an accurate and timely consulting service at every level of the project’s development: from the acquisition of the necessary information for planning to the preparation of the offer, aiming for excellence while optimising costs.

BMT Contract has in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about international standards and regulations. Through continuous dialogue with clients, the right solutions are identified to ensure maximum satisfaction in accordance with the requested quality standards.

The provision of a set of products and services able to add value to the project, enhancing its overall value through stylish solutions under the prestigious Made in Italy brand (Beautiful and Beautifully Made): these have always been the objectives of BMT Contract.


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