BMT’s tailoring skills are expressed in this project, characterized by the exquisite finishes and the finely carved washbasin. An extraordinary attention to the choice of materials, machining processes and production systems. A refined contemporary style, with a focus on ergonomics and functionality. A design process that does not betray its handcrafted matrix. The clean lines are enhanced by the absence of a handle: in fact, all doors and drawers are equipped with a push-pull opening mechanism.

Blues 2.0

When the charm of matter, the great knowledge of materials and the capacity to use them to the best of their potential allows the perfect balance between space and matter.


BLUES, born from the very roots of the rhythm and song of Afro-American communities, is characterised by its simple and personal musical structure: a ductile product whose structure encompasses the ability to adapt to all, with simplicity and style.


SWING, featuring an essential design, recalls the sober and detailed style of musical movement: a reassuring element in which the prestigious recess, in either the linear or shaped version, offers the perfect touch of unique improvisation, creating an elegant and innovative environment, just like rhythm itself.


The undisputed protagonist of the FUNKY collection is the monolithic cube base cabinet made completely in Tecnoril, making way for the forceful and decisive emergence of prestigious design: free interpretation of a bathroom furniture project rich in personality


TEKNO, a design with an urgent, appealing aesthetic and stand-out, original expressive freedom: its sharp variations make the model unique. The different geometries of the doors, with the featured overlap details, enable customers to make their own daring colour combinations.


Innovative design, techno/functional, aesthetic and emotional performance for a high-class bathroom.  Curved lines to give life to new movement, a revolution of shapes in the Bathroom environment. Solutions characterised by flexibility and versatility, featuring the innovative new textured finish, “matrix”, supported by a rich selection of glossy, matt and metallic lacquers, in modern and trendy tones. These characteristics offer a tangible response to an increasingly demanding market.


With “PI.QUADRO”, BMT presents a strong line featuring an essential and exclusive design, where warm colour combinations accompany prestigious finishes and tops. Thanks to the newly updated modules and finishes, PI.QUADRO is now even more captivating and unique, also thanks to its new PATENTED tops “with veil”. PI.QUADRO is a product featuring audacious lines and perspectives, which reflect the conception of a timeless environment suspended between harmony and purity


Calypso is a unique project from all points of view, developed in three different styles. New characteristic contrasts to completely satisfy the most personal expectations and desires, in every detail.


Style, comfort,, practicality.
A welcoming environment in an alchemy of styles, making the bathroom a pleasant space to be experienced every day. Moon, with its modular compositions, becomes the protagonist of the bathroom.