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BMT Baths, design for your bathroom

The innovation and essential design of our bathroom furnishings are founded on a vision of this household space that goes beyond its simply functional aspect: for BMT, bathroom furnishings are an essential part of a space built as a temple to physical and mental well-being, where lines, light and sensations meet and are elegantly combined.

BMT has always had the goal of joining design and functionality through the use of high quality materials and, at the same time, pairing the efficiency of industrial production processes with craftsman expertise consolidated over time.

Through attention to the entire production process, from the purchase of raw materials to the refinement of the finished product, we produce bathroom furnishings that stand out for their sophisticated finishes and resistance over time.

BMT bathroom furnishings intuit and anticipate the directions of taste, picking up ideas and cues from the latest trends in bathroom furnishing, interpreting new ideas in brilliant and sophisticated designs for bathroom furnishing that elicit an intimate relationship between the furnished space and the people who use it.

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